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RBEx Reports - Expose Negative Rental History, Bad Occupancy Habits with a Residency Background as Current as Today

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Uncover Evictions, Unpaid Balances, Late Payments, NSF Checks, Property Damages, Costly Occupancy Habits, Neighboring Complaints, and more… Your Credit Approved Applicant may have a negative Rental History that have yet to land to the Credit Reports. 

Residency Background info posted daily (FREE) to RBEx exposing the Blind Spots in Rental Verification Forms, and "Slow to Post" Credit Reports; helping Communities avoid large financial losses through potential occupancy disaster. Decide from an informed position regarding every rental application. Run an RBEx Report

"Many Rental Applicants are clearing Credit Screenings because their Defaulted Rental History has yet to post to their Credit Reports"

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Empower Landlords with information of your negative experience with their Credit Approved Applicant by reporting to RBEx. 

Flag; Rental History, Evictions, Unpaid Balances, Late Payments, NSF Checks, and more. Warn communities of Occupancy Habits. Caution property owners of potential Occupancy Disaster. In exchange, receive contact updates on your occupant in an effort to collect the debt. Report to RBEx (FREE)

"Rental Verification forms are no longer efficient methods of uncovering default Rental History"

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